Michigan Motorcycle Ride


Joe and I rode his motorcycle to Blissfield. Michigan. We then went to Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Michigan where we went on a hike. We ate hot dogs in Techumseh, had coffee in Milan, and came back to Blissfield for dinner at an old horse stable, turned into a nice restaurant. It was a wonderful day of memory making! I absolutely love riding with him on the back of his motorcycle.

Back Roads of Tenessee

Just got back from taking the road less traveled, driving a light blue 90’s convertible from Florida to Ohio. Here are a few pictures taken in Tenessee when skipping N75 for an alternative more sceanic route. The flag picture was actually taken in Ringgold, Georiga where the town has erected over one thousand full size American flags plastering the entire city, each flag with a handmade painted cross of the name and war served of every veteran who served from that area. These date back at least to WWI. It was a tribute like I had never seen before!

Ready Betty USA Conceal Carry Corsets




I am very excited to introduce to you a ladies brand of conceal carry corsets I am making for those who wish to conceal carry, http://www.ReadyBettyUSA.com. This new line came about after the Paris terrorist attacks, a woman outside my apartment building, being held at gun point in daylight for her cell phone, and after hearing about the employees at the Dollar General in Waterville being held at gun point… Let’s face it, things are getting rough in America, and locally there is a huge heroine problem causing more and more crime by people out of their minds. If you are a woman with a conceal carry permit and you want a less manly way to conceal your firearm, than the traditional pant holsters, I can happily make you a custom corset. These are made with bra-foam padding, performance sport fabric (for sweat-wicking and durability) and they can be made to your prefernce in pocket style and fit.


My corsets are currently carried in Bear Arms Tactical in Perrysburg, Ohio across from Levis commons, and you can see the Ready Betty USA website for more details on the line.


Simplicity 1426 (originally 4333) crop top

I just completed sewing Simplicity 1426, a republished 1950’s crop top, made using Gertie brand pink Hawaiian – vintage inspired fabric from Jo Anne’s. I love how this turned out! I did view C, and finished it off with green mini pompom trim, and fabulous buttons off an Anthropologie jacket I don’t wear any longer. This was my first go at bound buttonholes, and it turned out ok!croptopcroptop1croptop2

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