Getting Ready with Me Video

As mundane as this is, I thought it would be fun to film (below) my daily routine if I am wearing red lipstick! I am not a makeup artist, and really my products are quite minimal. Below is all the makeup I ever use, apart from two other lipsticks that I rotate.   Here are […]

Glass Cat Water Bottles

Recently while watching the nightly news I heard a report about how many popular bottled water brands actually have particles of plastic floating in the water when you zoom in under a microscope. That wigged me out a bit since I LOVE drinking water! But I decided to seek out a glass water bottle, and […]

Kate Spade’s Suicide

  The Kate Spade aesthetic always resonated with me strongly for the very fact the fashion exudes a feeling of sheer feminine delight and happiness! Bright colors, black and white polka dots, glitter, gold, that perfect shade of light pink, red lipstick, kitten heels, and of course purses. I’m very sad to hear of her […]

A New Etsy Shop – The Critics Darling!

I’m very excited to share with you a new Etsy Shop I am creating, dedicated to luxury silk eye masks, hair accessories, and eventually more products! Please stay tuned as I grow this brand, and add new items both handmade and curated with glamorous ladies in mind! The Critic’s Darling