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Hello! Thank you for visiting the website of my fashion label and art business, Ninkybink.

I’m Adrianne Lee, a free-spirited, fashion loving, designer/artist/ entrepreneur who’s been independently running and creating Ninkybink since 2002. I put a lot of love into what I do; it’s my creative expression and my passion!


The items on my website are all created in small runs, are made one-of-a-kind, or have been sourced for their covet-worthy beauty and interest to me. I only present you with items I myself would want to wear, so that means my tees are flattering and SUPER soft, the designs often feature my illustrations, and all jewelry and accessories are selected for their ability to strike a style chord. I carefully edit my shop to be a representation of things I love!

The Ninkybink goal is to create beautiful well-made items that are as lovely as they are special.


Another goal I have is to support local resources whenever possible.

All Ninkybink screen printed apparel items are made in the USA, or meet Fair Labor Certified standards!  Furthermore, I print my shirts using family owned business local to my hometown, and in some cases, personally by hand individually. If I need help, I hire local seamstresses. If I want humus, I buy it from the local business owner in town. It’s how I like to do business in my personal life! It’s not always possible in a day in age where almost everything comes from overseas (and in full disclosure, some items I sell are from overseas), but when it is possible to buy local American I go for it!


A little extra about me, for those interested: I graduated in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, and worked several stints in NYC over the course of several years, interning at Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, and working as a freelance fashion assistant at places like J. Crew. I’ve also worked as a Visual Merchandiser and as Buying Assistant for an upscale privately owned boutique. I’m crazy enough to have run two full marathons barefoot, and odd enough to not own a TV. I love my family, those dear to my heart, and life!


(Mural I painted in Fossil Park, Sylvania, Ohio)

I always love receiving notes and questions, feel free to contact me.


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