Vintage Life Magazine Feature – November 2014-  I include this because it shows how much I just LOVE prints and patterns and aesthetics of all aspects of life. I think my home reflects the same type of art I like to create. The article also mentions my art.




Fresh Step Cat Litter Company gave me a generous art grant for designing phone covers for their reward/ points program.


13 ABC News – Feb 4, 2014


I apologize that this is not better documented. I have had my designs in the following publications

Elle Girl magazing, Frankie magazine, Free People ( I was a guest blogger), 9-5 magazine, the AATCC journal ( I won a textile competition). Time Out New York for my fashion show in Brooklyn, Shut Up magazine, and others.



The following is a video of a fashion show I executed in Brooklyn, New York in 2009. I coordinated every aspect of it from sewing 100% of the outfits, to arranging all of the models, the music, and the photography.. all while IN OHIO. I got the opportunity through a contact on MySpace, and one month later I was there in Brooklyn ready to go!

This is from a time when my business was focused entirely on creating editorial “pin-up meets Marie Antoinette” inspire handmade lingerie. This was not exactly a lucrative endeavor, but it made it in Time Out New York magazine, and still to this day is one of my proudest creative achievements!

The Abbreviated Version:

The Full Show:


This is a video I made as a guest blogger for Free People clothing’s blog.

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