Afternoon Tea at The Wallace Collection – Manolo Blahnik Exhibit









One of my favorite memories we made, on my recent trip to London, was having afternoon tea in the pink courtyard at The Wallace Collection. Not only was the chic tea party presentation exceptionally fun, tasty, and feminine, but the museum itself was completely awe inspiring for those who like the allure of fanciful 18th and 19th century decor and art. I felt like I was inside Sophia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette”. All of the elements of this beloved aesthetic of mine were there to behold: pastel colors (especially pink!), ostrich feathers, satin bows, shiny white pearls, portraits of pretty ladies in opulent gowns, flocked velvet, brocade gold, and even painted kittens.

If my delight of the ambiance inside The Wallace Collection has not impressed upon you enough, let’s just take a look below at the fact in 2008 I sewed myself a Marie Antoinette Halloween costume, complete with some over the top Irregular Choice rose shoes, and a 10″ wig which I hot-glue-gunned birds, bows, and other adornments onto:


I’m sure you can imagine my enthusiasm, but wait, there’s more!


Monolo Blahnik’s exquisite shoes, dripping with elegance were on display alongside the collection, as the designer himself has always been inspired by The Wallace Collection. I can see why! This entire experience was certainly a moment in time I will cherish. It’s not every day you get a feminine trifecta of pink tea party, fancy 18th century art, and Manolo Blahnik. For more information : The Wallace Collection












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