Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 – Transatlantic Fashion Week -Part 3: My Capsule Wardrobe

While some travelers despise the act of packing for a vacation, for me it is one of the joys of the journey! I find it quite appealing to coordinate a mini capsule wardrobe that will fit my every need, and level of formality, or lack thereof. I even watched Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Titanic, Ship of Fools, and The Crown tv series among many other Ocean and British movies, for inspiration!



In my previous post about the Cunard Transatlantic Fashion Week, I detailed some of the rich history of Cunard ocean liners. It is fun for me to think that one time even Elizabeth Taylor herself (or perhaps her assistant?) had to pack for a Cunard crossing! So did all of these fantastically dressed guests of the past. I also posted about the Fashion Week Lineup, and does that ever inspire me!



Elizabeth Taylor on board the original Cunard Queen Mary vessel, 1947


Mae West on the Original Queen Mary vessel, September 1947


American Actress Carol Baker on board the original Queen Mary vessel in 1964

On any Queen Mary 2 ocean crossing, a guest will have to keep in mind the variety of activities they will need to pack for; everything from fencing lessons, to swim attire, to what you might wear during the day to a lecture, or to dinner when denim is not welcome after 6pm in most areas of the vessel. Add that it’s fashion week, and we have upped the fashion quotation a bit, in a way that inspires the imagination!



My packing strategy revolved around

Versatility of color palette & wear-ability (a great deal of black, and much of it can be casual or formal)

Staying true to my personal style

Taking temperature variations into account ( Even though it is late July/ early August, it can be chilly at sea and much cooler in England than in the States.)

Dresses – I packed a variety of dresses that can pass from attending fashion lectures in the day, to dining at night under the “smart dressing” suggestion of attire. The bold floral print dress reminds me of Mary Quant style (famous 60’s flower power Brit designer), and therefore is quite fitting for a British owned ship! Three dresses qualify as formal evening wear for the dances at night.


Tops – I have 7 black tops in different sleeve length and silhouettes, 1 navy, 1 white, and a striped classic Briton top. I feel like all of these tops (apart from the very basic black v neck tee) have the elegant feminine styling features that make the look a notch up from basic.




My black circle skirt with pockets is a staple in my wardrobe, as are my black pants, and my checkered black and white pants. These go with all my tops! Then, I have a vintage nautical looking skirt that I adore. I have packed a beautiful knit red and pink skirt to wear once I am in London because it is such a fun pretty thing! Finally, the black wrap sarong skirt is the perfect bottom to wear with my swimsuit and still look classy. It can be worn with the casual v neck tee and be the equivalent to where some people would wear sweats or leggings.



Outerwear & Swim

A classic trench coat, and a minimalist Speedo that is lovely for the fact is is so basic.




Scarf to wear over hair when it is windy, vintage eyeglasses filled with my RX, a vintage pink floral hat, and long white gloves to wear for formals, cat eye sunglasses, a straw hat, and my very useful every day leather purse. Also two options of what I can wear over dresses if it is chilly.



A variety of feminine retro choices as usual (and yes, maybe one necklace inspired by the Titanic movie :) )



Black, and leopard pointed toe flats, gym type shoes (not pictured), and black and tan sandals.


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