Peacocks, and snails, and flowers! Oh my!

The making of a hand drawn “Indienne Floral” pattern….

After drawing my inspiration from old and new resources, trend research, and my personal flair, I begin drawing pencil motifs that I think I would like to use. Birds, flowers, leaves, bugs… these are all good icons for an Indienne Floral.


I wanted to have a painterly look, so I used a brush pen. I buy these at my local Art Supply Depot store, here in Bowling Green, Ohio! They are nice to give a clean dark line, with a flare of painting style. IMG_20190129_170237_3451


Once my motifs are lined, I scan them into my computer. layout

I also made a rough layout to get the flow of the branches going for a seamless repeat.thumbnail_Resized_20190202_111759_5195

For this pattern I chose to use Adobe Illustrator, and here I used my Wacom Intuous Pro tablet to “paint” my drawings digitally.



I decided an array of purples and blues would look quite appealing and this is now the final pattern put into seamless repeat.





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