I feel the same joy about a new year as I do a new blank pretty sketchbook. Excited to fill it, hopefully with my best efforts, but realistic that it can’t be perfect on every page. Actually,  I started this Ninkybink website as a new year’s resolution in 2002 (boy was is a raw website in 2002!). I quite love new year’s and new goals!


1.) This year I would like to continue to build and refine my surface pattern portfolio. I would like to find an agent, or to get into a licensing platform like Patternbank. Also I would like to create more products for my shop, and not just create them, but sell them.  I have a certain amount of $ I need to make in order to cut back my day job. If I can get closer to that (be it from goal 1 or goal 2) , I consider it big progress! (Hopefully Wayfair vs. South Dakota issue will get resolved before it ruins microbusiness)

2.) Additionally, outside of my Ninkybink business, I run an Amazon FBA business selling home goods. It is a very small business, but I like how it is going and I hope to add another profitable product this year to my inventory (especially inventory with my own prints on them!).

3.) I have gone from a marathon runner, and gym enthusiast throughout my 20’s – and first 3 years of 30’s, to hardly working out. I am so  sleep-deprived-exhausted from waking up at 4:10 am (and going to bed too late, if I’m honest), and then trying to work on my art (and everything else), that I have skipped out on health. I would like to be more mindful this year. Even if it is taking a walk 3 days a week. A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest.

4.) I want to keep up and refine my minimalism journey. Celebrate the “joy of one”. One favorite sweatshirt, no more than that one. Just take care of it. Apply that idea of purposefulness with most belongings that I enjoy owning. Does it spark joy or add value? If not, it’s out. Also, I want to keep doing the project 333 wardrobe challenge. I have found great value in minimalism this year.

Also I just want to keep up the things that are going well. :)

Happy New Year!

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