My top 10 Things about working at Starbucks for 10 years!



10. ) In ten years, I have experienced approximately 2000 mornings of waking up before 5am (if not earlier) – but the day belongs to those who rise early!





9.) Thanks to Starbuck’s generous free pound of coffee every week, I have been allocated 520 pounds of free coffee beans so far.



8.) I have met the most wonderful people from working here.



7.) Years 1-8 were the best years ever a person could enjoy at a job. Coffee culture still thrived at my “cafe store” (as opposed to drive through), most days were spent working hard but laughing and loving it. The golden years of Levis Commons Starbucks!



6.) The last two years (since the day the sticker printer/ mobile order arrived) have tested me, because I am an old soul who romanticizes traditional “Coffee Shop Culture”. I have had a hard time adjusting to the new normal, but the positive thing is that I am able to appreciate my co-workers more than I ever have.








5.) Starbucks is good for me because it gets this introvert out and around people (and the occasional animal). If it were not for this barista position, I’d stay in solitude most of the time if I had the choice. It has been good for me to get out and about.


4.) Starbucks is wonderful  in that it allows me to have a well balanced life. I value things as a minimalist and creative, that may be different from other people value certain things. Because of Starbucks I can be done by early afternoon, go run in the middle of the day, do art, take days off in rather short notice to go on motorcycle rides or whatever. A bad day in a cafe is still better than a good day in a cubical in my personal opinion 😊 It’s a nice life being a barista when you take all into consideration!


There is NO DOUBT that I like being a barista!


3.) Between burning calories moving at work, and Starbucks reimbursing us up to $250 in fitness race entry fees each year, I love having a job that is not causing me to be sedentary!



2.) Every single shift I am allocated 3 free beverages, as well as a free food item! (personally, I drink a tall dark roast with cream, and lately for lunch the new Cold Brew protein drink with cacao in it.) Additionally, I receive FULL TIME BENEFITS (including medical, vision, dental, stocks, 401k, etc), which Starbucks grants for as low as 20 hours per week. Not only that, free premium Spotify account. It is a wonderful company to work for! I never forget this on a bad day, I feel very blessed!


1.) I love the job because I am a caffeine queen!






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