Farm to Table Eatery Buckingham Farm Fort Myers, Florida

On my recent trip to Fort Myers, Florida, I was taken on a surprise drive a little off the beaten path of tropical themed restaurants, national chains, and tiki style bars, to visit a hidden delight of an eatery, Buckingham Farms. The greenery, thriving agriculture, and warm farm ambiance hits you at once with a feeling of joy in knowing you are about to have not just a lunch, but a special experience. And an experience it was! Everything in the meal is grown right there on the farm, or acquired locally in the area, right down to the meat selections. My fiance and I split a spinach salad with warm homemade bacon dressing which was out of this world! The Ruben sandwich was memorable, causing us to keep bring it up in conversation days later. This is not just any restaurant, the freshness and love is outstanding. It is worth the drive (which is not even that bad). If you are in Fort Myers, Florida area I can’t recommend this enough!



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