The One Makeup Brand Every Vintage Vixen Must Know

Many a morning I wake up fresh faced and ask myself which vintage icon I want to channel that day. Bridget Bardot? Jayne Mansfield? Veronica Lake? If you are anything like me, you know half the fun of evoking an Old Hollywood vibe, is feeling like you are precisely nailing the look you were going for. Thanks to Besame Cosmetics, nailing that perfect shade of vintage lipstick has a whole new meaning.



Founder, Gabriela Hernandez, and her family run this vintage inspired cosmetic company out of Los Angeles, California. She scores antique shops for lipsticks from the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s, and in their lab, she exact color matches her formulas to recreate these shades for modern romantics. My personal favorite Besame products are the “American Beauty” shade of pink berry red from 1945, and the recently released “Cashmere Foundation Sticks” which remind me of my much missed Max Factor Pan Stick makeup I used to use for years.




Next I plan to try the Besame “Cake Mascara” which is as close as you can get to the original way starlets like Marilyn Monroe applied her eye makeup.


The degree of authenticity to these Besame products is simply delightful those dabbling in vintage lifestyle, and I am excited to see what else they will come out with!

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