DIY Hand Painted Spare Tire Cover

As much as I LOVE my new Geo Tracker, I am still a girly girl coming from just owning a pink Volkswagon beetle, and I felt like my new ride was a little masculine looking. It needed some personality. So I ordered a $10 cover from ebay and used outdoor-proof paint to create a unique […]

My New 1996 Geo Tracker!

As a frugal, anti-debt oriented person, I did NOT want to take out a car loan for a new car, so my goal was to find a great car I could pay for in cash. This little Geo Tracker was the bargain of the year! 1996, great consumer reviews, beautiful upholstery in excellent condition, fuel […]

Goodbye Pink Beetle

It is bittersweet feelings that this past Saturday I sold my beloved pink Volkswagon beetle. I bought this in 2009 without knowing how to drive a stick shift. One of my mom’s coworkers was kind enough to take on the job of painting the formerly green car pink. I will never forget the day we […]