New Fabric / Surface Pattern Designs

Here is a new shabby chic, romantic feminine design I created in Adobe Illustrator. Available very soon in my Pattern Bank portfolio for purchase!


A bold feminine floral!


Here is a Boho chic design I did by layering watercolors and line drawings!


Here is a selection of colorways in my pattern inspired by a 1960’s summer…




Journey to Paradisios – Macy’s Chicago Flower Show 2019


Journey to Paradisios

On my recent trip to Chicago, I unexpectedly stumbled upon quite the site to behold at Macy’s! Their talented Visual Merchandising team upped the ante of a typical fashion retail experience, with 5000 types of flowers and plants, all cohesively embodying a psychedelic outer-space floral theme of “Journey to Paradisios”.

According to, “The show brings to life the cosmic tale of Space Flight Director Lucy Ryder and her discovery of the planet Paradisios – a pristine exoplanet, untouched by human technology and filled with resplendent plant life.”

I was impressed by the sheer EXCESS that delighted the senses, both visually but also the scents of the flowers filled the 7 story department store. Every one of those 7 floors featured a floral extravaganza with a nod to that floor’s merchandise (such as home, men’s wear, kids wear, etc). If that wasn’t enough, the 7th floor dining area offered free cooking classes. I attended a class that showed how to make “Cosmic Noodles” (they were hot pink and purple in color, with the use of red cabbage, baking soda, and lemon juice.). As strange at it sounds, it was also very fine dining with a Thai based recipe.

Several of the days during the event, a company called Floracracy, offered free flower bouquets to all shoppers. These were not just any floral bouquets, they were personalized to the individual based on a short quiz of your horoscope, Chinese year of birth, and element gravitation.  Trippy? Yes. But oh so delightful! This entire experience was, indeed, out of this world!








Patternbank Trend: New Age


Here is a new design done for an upcoming trend for Spring Summer 2020 – Vibrant Tie Dye, highly saturated, psychedelic prints are going to be popular. See all my trend driven, commercial womenswear fashion print designs on Patternbank.

Exciting News! I am now a Textile Designer for Patternbank!

I am very excited to share that I have been accepted to license my designs through, Patternbank the the world’s leading textile design studio for print, pattern, and trend forecasting! From now on I will be primarily focusing all my creative energy towards commercial womenswear prints and patterns. This is my favorite market to design for, so I am looking forward to tracking trends and seasonal directions for this area, and creating patterns that clients are looking for.  I will keep you updated as I add exclusive Patternbank designs for sale through their website!






Peacocks, and snails, and flowers! Oh my!

The making of a hand drawn “Indienne Floral” pattern….

After drawing my inspiration from old and new resources, trend research, and my personal flair, I begin drawing pencil motifs that I think I would like to use. Birds, flowers, leaves, bugs… these are all good icons for an Indienne Floral.


I wanted to have a painterly look, so I used a brush pen. I buy these at my local Art Supply Depot store, here in Bowling Green, Ohio! They are nice to give a clean dark line, with a flare of painting style. IMG_20190129_170237_3451


Once my motifs are lined, I scan them into my computer. layout

I also made a rough layout to get the flow of the branches going for a seamless repeat.thumbnail_Resized_20190202_111759_5195

For this pattern I chose to use Adobe Illustrator, and here I used my Wacom Intuous Pro tablet to “paint” my drawings digitally.



I decided an array of purples and blues would look quite appealing and this is now the final pattern put into seamless repeat.





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