Event Update: Ninkybink show @ Mini Maker’s Mart – Handmade Toledo


It’s a new month and I am delighted to tell you I have been invited to participate at The mini Maker’s Mart show November 15.  Please see their website here!

Things available at the show include:

100% original chiffon scarves printed with my textile designs!


There will be the most cheerful tea towels possible! Manufactured just for Ninkybink with my watercolor images.



Also I will have an assortment of necklaces, including my laser cut Ohio charms (one of the best Christmas gifts in town).


As well as textile necklaces. These have been screen printed by hand in my kitchen, and hand cut & painted wood. Very special statement necklaces!


I will be very happy to talk to you about my love for surface pattern design & how I go about it! I hope to see you there!

I will leave you here with a few snapshots of current elements I am creating, later to be used in collections. As you see, I like to paint things on scraps of torn up watercolor paper, so that nothing is too “precious” and that way I don’t feel pressure to not ruin a “good” piece of paper. This works best for my process.







Happy Halloween! – My “Vintage Leopard” Costume

What better a costume for a print and pattern lover, than a leopard? Not only that, but  Halloween falls on the same night as PBS’s wonderful nature program “Super Cats”.

Naturally, making this costume vintage-inspired was my next requirement, in order to set it apart a bit from the usual cat costumes of 2018.

Here are some photos that inspired me:



I needed to make a.. what would you call this.. hood? hat? with a “widow’s peak” shape, to make it in true vintage fashion. I found that McCall’s Pattern M6106 fit the bill nicely, however required MUCH alteration to make the hood tight enough. The under chin area is plenty of Velcro. I then added this fantastic gold lame (circa 1960’s) ric-rac that I’d been saving quite a while for the perfect use. (note: an alternative pattern would be Simplicity 2855 if you were doing just the hood).



Here is how the hood/hat turned out! I love it! I actually found this leopard leotard, but layered another leopard shirt under it to make it work appropriate, plus leopard boots that I already owned, and a leopard waist sash as a tail to complete the leopard look.


For the makeup, I used my black eyeliner that I already have, to create a nose and black lip, as well as exaggerated eyes. I bought some under-a-dollar Halloween cream make up in white and brown to create a white muzzle and make some matching dots (outline in eyeliner).


Look at that accuracy!!







New Pattern Collection – “Bloomsbury Chic”


Above you will see my latest surface design pattern collection, “Bloomsbury Chic”. I think this would lend itself well to home goods (Anthropologie, if you read this I am talking to you!), but actually some of the patterns work well for apparel also.


What is the inspiration of this pattern collection?

The Bloomsbury Group was a salon of English creatives ( authors, intellectuals, philosophers, artists) in the first half of the 20th century. It was not a formal group, and the members in it denied it was a club of any kind, yet it was a close knit group of friends and relatives including Virgina Woolf, Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell, (read more here).

My collection draws inspiration for motif and color story from some of these artist’s paintings, as well as The Charleston  House in Sussex England which was the retreat and meeting place for these folks. It has a bohemian dusty antique painterly look. It is happy and whimsical, and the color scheme is muted with pops of mauve, mustard, and cornflower blue.


A painting by Duncan Grant


A door Duncan Grant painted


A painting by Vanessa Bell


My Patterns on Products


The following are some product mock ups I created to show some ways my prints could be applied.



Pattern Swatches


This collection is available for license, if interested, contact me and I would be delighted to talk about it!

My Christmas Surface Designs in Quilt form!

I wanted to share this “Cheater Quilt” I designed and sewed with the help of Spoonflower.com’s digital fabric printing service. I love seeing how the patterns I worked on for weeks come together on this decorative quilt! I sewed a few silver sequin stars to the ornaments, and gave it a white faux fur backing. I think it turned out very happy looking! This is meant for decorative purposes more than anything.


It is available for ordering on my website http://www.thecriticsdarling.com





A Joyful Vintage Christmas Print Collection


When I was a little girl, my family lived in the same house as my grandparents (to give you an age placement on the inter generational gap , my grandpa was born in 1912!) So I grew up seeing many unique vintage treasures from many decades. I loved the silver Christmas tree we put in my “school room” and many of the ornaments I used with my dollhouse.  In this surface pattern collection, I have used colors and motifs that embody the happy vintage vibe. I hope you will enjoy it!



Limited Color Palate Spoonflower Challenge

Spoonflower provided a restricted color palate for their upcoming textile design challenge, and here is my design for the contest this week. I chose to create a paisley pattern, and the result is a fall print I could see pairing with corduroy! While to be honest, this color palate is far from what I would normally choose, it was fun to do something different!

It’s a PUNderful Life!

This week’s Spoonflower challenge was to come up with a pun tea towel. I was painting these cats independently and after using lots of pink and green and polka dots, I thought it looked Kate Spade -ish. Then I thought of Cat Spayed (?), and my pun was decided upon! Then I thought about Kate Spade slogans, and how I could turn it cat-like. The brand often makes slogans mentioning glitter, so glitter became litter. There it is! A little humor, and I am please to say the Kate Spade New York corporate wrote me a facebook message saying they loved it, and it gave them a good laugh! That made my day!


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