Limited Color Palate Spoonflower Challenge

Spoonflower provided a restricted color palate for their upcoming textile design challenge, and here is my design for the contest this week. I chose to create a paisley pattern, and the result is a fall print I could see pairing with corduroy! While to be honest, this color palate is far from what I would normally choose, it was fun to do something different!

It’s a PUNderful Life!

This week’s Spoonflower challenge was to come up with a pun tea towel. I was painting these cats independently and after using lots of pink and green and polka dots, I thought it looked Kate Spade -ish. Then I thought of Cat Spayed (?), and my pun was decided upon! Then I thought about Kate Spade slogans, and how I could turn it cat-like. The brand often makes slogans mentioning glitter, so glitter became litter. There it is! A little humor, and I am please to say the Kate Spade New York corporate wrote me a facebook message saying they loved it, and it gave them a good laugh! That made my day!


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