Fossil Park Mural

This summer I had the honor of being commissioned by Oleander Park System in Sylvania, Ohio to paint a 140 foot long fossil themed mural in Fossil Park. I had so much fun working on this, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to work on such a large scale. To learn more about Fossil Park, click here, it is a really unique place where you can learn and spend an afternoon! I think my art really gives the destination a much needed color blast that will bring joy to the patrons who go fossil hunting there.


Before and after


My original design, and the final mural






Sequin Heart Sweater Doll with Rose Skirt


Here is another addition to my shop! A very Veronica Lake looking doll with a pink heart sequin sweater, and a light blue skirt, with fabric I personally designed.


These dolls re very unique, made entirely by me from scratch!


Handmade Pink Haired Doll


Pink haired fashion doll! I made her with tan wool on a wire frame (so she is posable). Her face was embroidered, and her clothes are made from antique finds. She comes with a straw hat, and her shoes have tiny crystals. $175 sold here, one of a kind.




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