DIY Hand Painted Spare Tire Cover


As much as I LOVE my new Geo Tracker, I am still a girly girl coming from just owning a pink Volkswagon beetle, and I felt like my new ride was a little masculine looking. It needed some personality. So I ordered a $10 cover from ebay and used outdoor-proof paint to create a unique wheel cover. This inexpensive project made the Geo so much cuter in my opinion!



My New 1996 Geo Tracker!


As a frugal, anti-debt oriented person, I did NOT want to take out a car loan for a new car, so my goal was to find a great car I could pay for in cash. This little Geo Tracker was the bargain of the year! 1996, great consumer reviews, beautiful upholstery in excellent condition, fuel efficient, mechanically sound, and only 64k miles on it! I love it!

Goodbye Pink Beetle


It is bittersweet feelings that this past Saturday I sold my beloved pink Volkswagon beetle. I bought this in 2009 without knowing how to drive a stick shift. One of my mom’s coworkers was kind enough to take on the job of painting the formerly green car pink. I will never forget the day we went to pick it up! It was my dream car! I drove my beetle for many years and loved it. But since I turned 30 this year, I felt like I wanted a change. I am always going to remember this cute little car with fond memories.



Motorcycle Ride to Cuyahoga National Park


My boyfriend is the coolest. He suggested we take a spontaneous trip on his motorcycle to Cuyahoga National Park… a 2 day adventure. It was so beautiful, and I love the free spirit feeling being on the back of his motorcycle. This was definitely a fun and memorable trip! The first longer motorcycle trip I’ve been on.



I just got back from a lovely, fun, relaxing vacation with my sweetie! We went to Fort Myer’s and to South Beach Miami.


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